'hey there, rose tyler' song re-written and performed by tumblr user gingerten


hey there rose tyler,

whats it like in your dimension?

im a thousand worlds away but

im still seeing your reflection in the blue

my hearts are broken without you,

i swear its true

hey there rose tyler,

dont you worry about my safety 

if i ever get in trouble ill just run

and shout allons-y! nothing new

still got some running left to do.

ill run to you

oh its what youve done to me,

oh across the galaxys

oh its what youve done to me,

oh you and your bad wolf tendencies

what youve done to me

hey there rose tyler,

when i first regenerated i knew 

something now was different 

new and simply fascinating,

it was you

i found love inside that box of blue

and so did you

hey there rose tyler

ive got so much left to say 

if its my last chance now to tell you true

that ive wanted to say this for some time

please dont forget me now, dont cry

rose tyler i-

oh its what youve done to me,

oh across the galaxys

oh its what youve done to me,

oh you and your bad wolf tendencies

id walk 500 miles for you, 500 more

and when im through id fall down at

your door and then id say;

rose tyler theres not time enough to

tell you all the ways i think youre

brilliant and ive missed you since that day

rose tyler i can promise you 

that id break time and space for you

the universe will remember your name

im on my way.

hey there rose tyler,

you be good and dont you miss me

youve got tentoo now to help you through

but i cant rewrite history, not this time

theres nothing i would rather do

but ill stand at bad wolf bay with you

hey there rose tyler,

dont be blue just kiss tentoo

oh its what youve done to me,

oh across the galaxys

oh its what youve done to me,

oh you and your bad wolf tendencies

what youve done to me, oh oh oh

OMFG where can I buy or download this?

I Bored so…

Sherlock came home and everything was messed up, books on the ground, tea cups broken. He was frightened to see a smother of blood in johns bedroom and a broken window, he immediately called Lestrade and when he arrived he saw sherlock rolled up in a corner rocking back and forth, whispering ” he’s gonna be ok, he’s gonna be ok.”, Lestrade slowly walked over to him sherlock told him that John was gone and he’s too broken to use his mind palace, then a gust of wind from the window blew a note over to Lestrade, : if you wanna find Dr Watson come to the basement of the old museum: Sherlock got up and ran down stairs and lestrade drove him to the museum, Mean while John was being tortured, slowly get stabbed and whipped and even hit with a baton, this kidnapper needed watson to suffer so sherlock can be as heartbroken as he will be, Lestrade pulled up to the museum with sherlock seeing a Map taped on the door to direct them in and when they found watson he was lying on the ground surrounded by blood john wanted to tell sherlock something but was to weak to speak a jerked from the corner of his eye, sherlock held his hand ruffled through his hair and whimpered everything is gonna be fine, I know you’re tired but don’t sleep if you sleep you will never wake up, john too weak to speak so he gripped sherlock finger and smirked, blood running down the side if his mouth then someone from behind said ” while welcome, mr Sherlock Holmes”, with a gun pointed at lestrade’s head sherlock asked ” WHO ARE YOU”, and wiped his tears ” WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO JOHN”, the man says ” He deserves it, when I was in Afghanistan this man saved another soldier instead of me, I was dying I need him to feel the pain I was in,” then sherlock yelled ” WHILE YOURE PERFECTLY FINE NOW!” And the man said ” yes only because a nurse found me and saved my life, I came back into the field to find dr watson tried to kill him but I passed out and shot his shoulder instead, when I woke up I was in a hospital,” when the man was having a moment of flash back lestrade elbowed him and took the gun, sherlock ran to john who is now in shock trying to calm him down sherlock grabs him and hums a little song, the sound of the police sirens rang and as Watson was rushed to the hospital the paramedics said Watson needs blood infusion, sherlocks blood type is O so it fits any blood type he drained 3 bags of blood for john when he came out of the room from the blood defusing he was light headed and weak Lestrade saw him so he walked to sherlock as sherlock was gonna ask how john was he blacked out for a moment Lestrade helped him up and told him to rest and that Watson is still undergoing surgery, sherlock started crying and Lestrade puts his hand in his shoulder and says ” calm down everything is gonna be alright, just calm down,”
When the surgeons came out they explained that john is heavily injured and that he won’t wake up until the next couple of days.
Sherlock walked up to johns room in the intensive care unit